Naturaleza sin mantenimiento

Nature without maintenance:


its 8-year warranty ensures its appearance and optimal conditions with little maintenance.


Its drainage capacity and manufacture protect it against the weather and intensive uses.

Easy to maintain:

No need for compost or mowing. Minimum maintenance according to use and weather conditions.

Aspecto inpecable

Flawless look

Realistic appearance:

Its appearance, touch, and mechanical properties are objectively satisfactory.

Clean and hygienic.

Extra soft touch.

Excellent protection: soft fibres with great absorption of impacts in order to cushion possible falls.

Naturaleza sostenible

Environmentally sustainable

Less pollution.

Forget about toxic substances, such as fertilizers, pesticides or insecticides.

Economical and cost-efficient:

As an alternative that does not require of irrigation, it will make us achieve long-term water savings. Create your perfect and beautiful space at the best possible price.

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