• Synthetic Turf Murcia

    With the manufacture of synthetic turf in Murcia we create the perfect symbiosis between people and nature. A union created for people with techniques inspired by nature.
  • Inspiring Team.

    European manufacturers. The total confidence of a product with 100% TENCATE guarantee in composition.
  • Reassuring experience.

    More than 15 years taking steps together. Creating collections and the best artificial grass on the market for our customers. Service as well as quality make us loyal to our customers.
  • Innovative Perfectionism

    We manufacture with the highest level of performance; perfect installation and 8 year product warranty.
  • Efficient Control

    We comply with and accredit all regulatory requirements and the highest quality standards for artificial turf.

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    We believe that a magical balance between people and nature is possible. We are committed to maintain the beauty and pleasure the natural environment gives us, contemplating it, enjoying walking barefoot, and feeling comforted. We believe that it is not necessary to demand additional efforts from it, nor from us to enjoy a perfect and beautiful space. We can have the best of both worlds in symbiosis, at our disposal. Our job is to unite them from experience, with all the efficiency and perfectionism to create an emotional response.
    With beautiful, inspiring, and functional results guaranteed.
    Equipo inspirador
    Perfeccionismo Innovador
    Control Eficiente
    Experiencia Tranquilizadora
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    Scopes of action

    Econatura is headquartered in Murcia, Spain, from where the best customer service and treatment nationwide is guaranteed thanks to its network of distributors. On top of that, our partners are responsible for taking our product internationally, wherever the customer needs it, always with the best advice and a flawless installation.

    Superior synthetic grass for your favourite space.

    Leaders in
    Synthetic Grass in Murcia

    Our company has extensive experience in the field of landscaping gardening with synthetic grass. We have a great team of professionals to advice on all kinds of projects and facilities, be they sports pitches, private homes, tourist resorts, etc.

    Feel free to ask for advice through our customer service department available on this website.

    We offer a wide range of cutting-edge products which incorporate the latest technological advances in terms of raw materials and manufacturing systems in Murcia.

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